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  Brushes Types ᣩd Brushes ⯴tle Brushes ? Condenser Brushes 㯰per Tube Fitting Brushes 㯴ton Brushes �ical Brushes 䯵ble Spiral Tube Brushes ?& Rifle Brushes �iature Brushes ௷er Tube 㩤e Action Tube 㩮gle Spiral Tube

 Brushes Corp ►  5400 Smith Road,  Cleveland, Ohio  44142  ► 216.267.8084 ► Fax: 216.267.9077


Brushes Corp. is a Cleveland based custom brush manufacturer with the capability to supply virtually any twisted wire brush that you can specify.  We offer a wide range of twisted in wire brushes for a variety of applications including:

  • Acid Brushes

  • Bottle Brushes

  • Condenser Brushes

  • Copper Tube Fitting Brushes

  • Cotton Brushes

  • Medical Brushes

  • Double Spiral Tube Brushes

  • Gun Brush & Rifle Brushes

  • Miniature Brushes

  • Power Tube Brushes

  • Side Action Tube Brush

  • Single Spiral Tube Brush

  • Tire Swab

Direct from Brush Manufacturer Pricing

By bypassing your custom brush supplier, you get direct from the brush manufacturer pricing. 

Design Your Custom Twisted In Wire Brush Online

Our proprietary on line tool allows you to select the exact stem style, handle and bristles on line to develop the perfect twisted wire brush for your application

Click here to begin designing your custom twisted in wire brush.

Brushes Corp. Custom Brush Options

Custom Brush Stem Options

Your choice of fill bristles are twisted between two (2) stem wires.

Your choice of fill bristles are twisted between four (4) stem wires.

Two (2) layers of your choice of fill bristles are twisted between four (4) stem wires.
㡲bon Steel Brushes
㯡ted Steel Brushes
硬vanized Steel Brushes
㴡inless Steel Brushes

Custom Materials
Our sister company, Malin Co., can provide any type wire, from the routine to the exotic. They can also provide wire and fills that meet military and government specifications.

End Options & Custom Brush Handle Design
Plastic encapsulation, tapered trim, turned tuft end, looped end, handles, and adaptors.

Bristle / Fill Options
Standard Bristle Materials

㡲bon Steel Brush Bristles
?Ferrous Brush Bristles
㴡inless Steel Brush Bristles
㹮thetic Fibers Brush Bristles
ᮩmal Fibers Brush Bristles
楧etable Fibers Brush Bristles

Custom Fills
Non-Ferrous Wire Brushes
Aluminum brushes, copper brushes, phosphor bronze brushes, brass brushes, nickel brushes, silver brushes.
Brass Wire Brushes  
Rust-proof and spark resistant, brass provides gentle brushing action.

Phosphor Bronze Wire Brushes
Similar to brass with better shape retention.
Carbon Steel Wire Brushes
Typically used in applications where abrasion is required in dry environments. High carbon is utilized for deep cutting where aggressive abrasion is required.
Stainless Steel Wire Brushes
Rust-proof and strong and ideal for applications that involve stainless steel or aluminum. Will not leave ferrous deposits.
Oil Tempered Wire (Flat Wire) Brushes
Flat wire is the most aggressive brushing material available.

Crimped Brush Bristles or Straight Brush Bristles?
A crimped, or wavy, bristle extends the life of the brush and is ideal for abrasive cleaning.
Straight bristles are softer and more flexible.

  • Natural Brush Bristles
  • Animal Fiber Brush Bristles
  • Bassine Brush Bristles 
  • Union Fiber Brush Bristles 
  • Patent Brush Bristles
  • Palmyra Brush Bristles
  • Palmyra Stalks Brush Bristles
  • Tampico Brush Bristles
  • Bristle Brushes 
  • Horsehair Brush Bristles
  • Cotton Brush Bristles
  • Synthetic Fibers
  • Nylon Brush Bristles 
  • Palpro Brush Bristles
  • Polyethylene
  • Polyester Brush Bristles
  • Polypropylene Brush Bristles
  • Poly Bass Brush Bristles
  • Tampro Brush Bristles 

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Lead Times
Due to the current business climate, our lead-times vary based on material availability. Please contact
customer service at 216-267-8084 for in-stock availability or lead-time on this product.

 Brushes Corp ►  5400 Smith Road,  Cleveland, Ohio  44142  ► 216.267.8084 ► Fax: 216.267.9077

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